W. Sergio Betancor

Experienced Computer Systems Analyst with hands-on networking and programming skills. Strong expertise on LAN/WAN and web environment as well as comprehensive knowledge on IBM middle range systems.

Operating Systems

Mac OsX, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2000/3 Server, Windows NT Server 4.0, Novell 4.01, Novell 3.12, OS/2, OS/400, Linux Red Hat, Linux Ubuntu.


Adobe Creative Cloud, QuickBooks, iWork Productivity apps, Microsoft Office Suite, Corel Draw, Word Perfect, Quatro Pro, Paint Shop Pro, GeneXus (Programming case tool).

Programming Languages

Drupal, WordPress, HTML, XHTML, CSS, Flash, JavaScript, RPGII, RPG/400, ILE RPG, Cobol, CL, OCL, Clipper, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, Pascal, Visual Basic, C++. ,


DB2/400, SQL, Informix, SQL Server, MySQL

Other Skills
  • Love to investigate and to develop new ideas.
  • Professional passion to optimize business processes
  • Enthusiastic and detail oriented.
  • Highly organized and result-oriented
  • Fluent in Spanish and English.
  • Understand of Italian and Portuguese.

  • High school: Graduate in Accounting
  • UTU: Accounting Assistant
  • Universitario Autónomo del Sur: Computer Systems Analyst
Professional Experience


  • Since Jul. 2002 – Information Technology Advisor

    IT & SEO Consulting, Website design services, Drupal and WordPress development, ERP implementing, PC performance boost. Participated in beta versions of Windows (Vista, 7 and 8) as well as Ubuntu and other software applications. Resolved computer problems like virus, spyware, spam, malware, hardware and software upgrades, new OS installs and new computer set up, hardware maintenance, system tweaks, data recovery, backup policies as well as wireless network planning and implementation.

  • MP Home Renovation, Administrative Manager (Jul. 2007 – Nov. 2012)

    Ran all the aspects of the business administration, marketing and communication with customers. I have also performed research to propose and implement new technology needed to improve customer service. We started using QuickBooks since Aug 2007 improving estimates and invoices, which are now delivered via email, avoiding unnecessary hard copies. Ever since my implementation of QuickBooks, all the communications with the customers have been electronically based.

  • Texaco Uruguay S.A. – Information Technology Coordinator (Jun. 1993 – Jun. 2002)

    Proposed and implemented the information and technology strategy guided by corporate rules. Administrated the company network and applications systems. Gave technical assistant and helpdesk for internal personnel. I was responsible for the Information Protection Corporate Plan and G.I.L. 2001 (Corporate IT Standardizations Plan). Coordinated and participated in the creation of an extranet with Texaco Customers that resulted in an immediate savings replacing printed information. Provided leadership and participated in the development of the Y2K corporate project. Supervise and participated in software development and maintenance in RPGII, RPG/400, Clipper, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro and GeneXus (programming development case tool). Participated in GeneXus Beta-test program. Coordinated and participated in the migration from Linux to Microsoft Windows 2000 Server and Microsoft Exchange Server. Developed and maintained a Local Intranet that supported the Total Quality ISO 9002 Controlled Documents and public shared information. I was responsible for the development and maintenance of the Business Continuity Plan (Recovery Plan). Coordinated and fully participated in workstation migration to 32 bits platform. Extensive experience in IBM middle range systems, implemented, managed, programmed and operated IBM Systems 34, IBM Systems 36, IBM AS/400, IBM E-Series since 1982. Work environment: E-Series, Novell, Windows NT Server, Windows 2000 Server. Operating Systems supported: DOS, Windows, Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0 Workstation and Server, OS/400, Linux Red Hat 6.2, Windows 2000 Server Professional and Server, Windows XP.

  • ICI Uruguay S.A. – System Programmer (Jun. 1986 – Jun. 1993)

    Developed and maintained existing applications in RPG/II, RPG/400, OCL and CL. Installed programming and implemented IBM AS/400. I was in charge of the migration from IBM System 36 to an AS/400. Installed, programmed and implemented IBM System 36. Performed the migration from IBM System/34 to IBM System/36. Work Environment: AS/400, Stand-alone personal computers. Operating Systems supported: DOS, Windows, OS/400.





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